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About us

42 Gorst Studios is a small creative community established in 2020 during the depths of the pandemic lockdowns. Said another way: The Gorst Studios concept was conceived after we all experienced the bitterness of social distancing and the lack of freedom to go out and connect with nature and each other.

The Community's Founding 'Lead Creative' recognises the importance of having an outlet that fosters creativity. Our Founder's mission is to build a community with shared values, interests and ambitions. The 55 creative studios housed in Gorst's legacy textile-factory skin are all 'vital organs' that keep the soul and vitality of the community living and breathing.

42 Gorst aims to attract talented and emerging artists, designers and creatives who promote nature and sustainability in all of its forms. Gorst's goal is to create a like-minded green community that is focused on promoting the beauty of nature and the importance of preserving it through sustainable art, design and craft.

In addition to the studios, Gorst offers workshops, events, and access to no-cost space for emerging and sustainable creative businesses.

We are also proud to have curated and cultivated a lush green enclave into the Park Royal's industrial norm. Our little garden is a green escape from the hustle and bustle of the commerce that drives London's largest Industrial park; we collect rain water and use it to grow a variety of plants, flowers and fruits. Here are some photos from last season's greens!

Join our community today and let's grow together.


To be an incubator of talent that thrives in promotion of nature and sustainable art & design.

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