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Things we love about Park Royal

Gorst Studios takes pride in supporting our creatives and their craft. 

We also love to support local businesses and hot spots within Park Royal. If you're looking to join our creative community but unsure what is around the area, then check out our favourite picks below.

Find out more about Park Royal

Gorst Studios loves being a part of the community vibe in and around Park Royal. We want to share what makes the area unique and why it should be a magnet to innovative creatives - like you!

Looking for inspiration?

If you're a creative and wanting to get out and about and be inspired by the area around you - Gorst Studios is the perfect location. Discover places such as North Acton Canal, North Acton playing fields, the canal by the Grand Junction Arms pub and Beit el Zeiton to name just a few!

Come and talk to us!

For many of the creatives here at Gorst Studios - be they craft makers, fashion designers, musicians, painters, photographers, the list goes on - there is a uniqueness that can't be found anywhere else...


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